We are not accepting any new internship postings for the remainder of the 2015/2016 program year.
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Nonprofit Internships For

Alberta Post-Secondary Students


Student Eligibility

A post-secondary student means a student living in Alberta who is

  • a Canadian Citizen;
  • a Permanent Resident; or
  • an international student with appropriate authorization as may be required from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to participate in the SCiP Program (up to 10% of the Internships will be available to international students)

And, is currently enrolled in a part-time or full-time certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate, or PhD program at an eligible post-secondary institution.

**Please note, students are only permitted to complete one internship per academic year (August – July)**

Students must be registered in and attending at least one class at one of the 26 qualifying institutions in the academic year in which they do their SCiP internship. Each academic year begins August 1st and ends July 31. In other words, an acceptance letter, either conditional or full,  from a post-secondary institution does not qualify you to participate in the program until you have started attending at least one class.

Based on this criteria, if you do not qualify and complete an internship regardless, the $1000 bursary will not be rewarded. We cannot determine full eligibility for a bursary until you have finished an internship, before applying for an internship please be sure you qualify for SCiP.

If you have any questions about your eligibility, look at our responses to common questions, or call 780-482-3300 ext 239 or 225.

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Organization Eligibility

“non-profit/voluntary organizations” means an organization that:

  • Is self-governing and exists to serve the public-benefit;
  • Does not distribute profits to owners, members, directors, shareholders, or managers;
  • Is voluntary (benefits to some degree from voluntary contributions of time or money);
  • Is independent or institutionally separate from the formal structures of the federal and provincial government and the profit sector (municipal programs and services DO qualify); and
  • Is currently operating in the Province of Alberta and has been for at least one year.

And, may include non-profit organizations or other non-profit groups that are incorporated, established and/or registered in Alberta under the laws of Alberta or Canada, including the following Acts:

  • Agricultural Societies Act
  • Canada Corporations Act (non-profit sector)
  • Cemeteries Act or Cemetery Companies Act
  • Regional Health Authorities Act (foundations)
  • Libraries Act
  • Part 9 of the Companies Act (non-profit)
  • Part 21 of the Business Corporations Act – Extra-Provincial Corporations
  • Societies Act
  • Special Act of the Parliament of Canada
  • Special Act of the Alberta Legislature

Notwithstanding the above, and organization will not qualify for the Serving Communities Internship Program if it is:

  • A university, college, or other educational institutes (including Students’ Unions and their programs and services);
  • A faith-based organization that does not provide philanthropic community
    programs/services to the broader community;
  • An organization that has a sole mandate to provide programs and services
    outside of Alberta;
  • An organization that has a primary mandate to provide national or
    international services and does not provide philanthropic community
    programs/services to Albertans; or
  • An organization that is affiliated, either directly or indirectly, with a
    political party or entity having a political mandate.

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If you have any questions about your organization’s eligibility, check out our responses to common questions, or contact us at 1.877.915.6336 ext. 239 or 225.